Monday, December 12, 2016

Gathering Pieces - Acquiring A Variety Of Armour Types For My World Eaters

After finally getting my grubby paws on the Chaos Legions book and after carefully reading and rereading how army building works in 40K, I have bought my ticket for Arc40K and have tentatively turned in my 30K skinned World Eater list for the event. When I quit 40K a few years ago I sold off most of my fully painted armies and a large chunk of my bits pile. Thankfully, because we had long term houseguests, I lost access to the last of my collection. This means I still have quite a nice collection of space marine bits! While this was very helpful to go through (to get ideas), I was surprised at how little I could use for a proper 30K project.

Not one to slack on the details, I really wanted my army to look and feel like a proper, early to middle Heresy era World Eater army. This meant a lot of scrounging. I started by buying a Calth boxed game. This gave me an excellent jumping off point in the form of 30 Mark IV marines, 5 terminators and a Contemptor pattern dreadnought. Problem is that Angron's sons are known for high casualties and a high turnover of equipment because of misuse, abuse and attrition. I don't want the army to look... standardised. I want my marines to look like tech priests have been scrounging and scraping to keep these guys equipped and armed on the battlefield. I needed different marks of marine armour and a pile of spare weapons and replacement bits!

I was able to source two squads of Mark III marines from the new Prospero boxed game. In an idea world I really would have preferred to use this Mark for most of my marines as it looks brutal and it is an older model of armour BUT I started with the Calth box soooooo c'est la vie. 

Likewise, I really wanted to acquire some Mark II armour (which is essentially a less fortified version of the Mark III) to either represent veterans or poor marines, who because of the breakdown of their original armour, are forced to wear this older, out of date armour pattern. Luckily Forge World sell these guys in packs of five. Unlucky, ordering from Forge World can be a brutally expensive experience. Given that I already had 50 marines, I grabbed a single pack of these guys to add variety to my forces. 

This left one armour variant to obtain. The Mark V. Now, if you read your fluff this is a stopgap design to equip legions on the fly after the Heresy breaks out. The first time I read about this armour in White Dwarf, when I was literally a kid (25ish years ago), I wanted some. Ironically, though I could have easily bought some from Forge World, I chose not to. Instead I dug through my bits box and pulled out a pile of torsos to match this variant's distinctive external hose system. I also ordered 10 additional Mark IV legs from an Ebay online store. Why not go whole hog? Well, after buying all the weapons I needed for my marines (more on that in a future post)... I realised that I had blown my budget. Besides given the large numbers of marine parts I already own and the slapdash nature of this suit, I thought I could just make my own. Besides I have always hated the look of the external piping on the thigh plates. That said, I really need to get a few of the suit's distinctive helmets to make these guys stand out from their brothers. 

Now that everything is ordered and is on the way. It is time to start cleaning flash from the legs, torsos and arms that I do have! 

More soon!

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