Saturday, December 3, 2016

W O R L D E A T E R S ! ! ! (The Road To ARC40K Begins)

Even though I used to literally play every army of one type or another in 40K, I would say that the most fun that I have had building and painting armies has come when I worked on Chaos armies. Specifically, Chaos Space Marines. I have played Night Lords, Death Guard, Black Legion and Emperor's Children in my time but I have always had a soft spot for the complete lack of subtly brought to the table by Khorne's fanboys... The World Eaters.

Now, I am not really in the mood to paint a million berserkers in crimson so I almost went back to the drawing board and return to my first Chaos force: The Night Lords. But, I remembered the World Eater Horus Heresy colour scheme, white and blue. Not only has GW put out two excellent sets of plastic 30K models lately (The Calth and Prospero boxed games) making HH armies easier and cheaper to build BUT I have discovered that I really like the look for the Warhammer 30K ruleset! Why not kill two birds with one stone and paint a single army for both Arc and 30K. 

This gets even more exciting, hobby wise, when considering the building and painting aspects of the project. The World Eaters are determined bastards and do whatever it takes to achieve their goals on the battlefield, even if that means sacrificing themselves to succeed. A 30K World Eater army will have lots of replacements to fill the ranks when causalities thin their numbers. Because of this I can break up the monotony that using a single armour type can bring by mixing up space marine armour variants and weapons throughout my force. 

In addition, white is such a blank canvas to add to, it really opens up interesting combinations of weathering and blood spatter effects. I think that it will contrast nicely with grey rubble/ruins bases and really pop on the tabletop. I have had plenty of practice in recent times painting white onto winter tanks and infantry for my Bolt Action Winter War and Battle of the Bulge forces and I think I have a good strategy to get it done reasonably quickly... for me.

Not to mention, the blue on the shoulder pads will give me another great contrast colour to add my miniatures and will give me a colour that will let me get a few extreme highlights in (one of my guilty pleasures).

All in all, I gotta say. I am pretty excited to get this project started and to get creative building a force of these frothing loonies.

Time to buy a Calth boxed set!


  1. Weren't you showing off some great looking Malifaux projects not all that long ago on Facebook Brad?

    How do you find the time to work on this stuff with Bolt Action as well, etc???

    Colour me impressed sir. Heresy Era World Eaters do indeed look cool. Good choice.

  2. really looking forward to seeing this army. Go Go.

  3. I was showing off my Lynch crew. I will have to post my Faux stuff up soon. I guess the short answer to your question about finding the time is this... I am taking a break from BA. Not because I don't like the game. Quite the opposite, I love second edition. I am just tired of hearing about its negatives.

    I am working on fun stuff instead.

  4. That's a shame mate. I for one enjoy the enthusiasm you show for the game through your posts on FB and hearing you talk about it during podcasts.

    Recently, the Oz BA podcasting groups have fallen almost entirely silent, which is sad as they are all fun shows to listen to. Might be the time of year though what with holidays, etc.