Monday, December 5, 2016

What to do? What to do? (The Riddle of Arc Returns)

OK, so I said I was definitely doing World Eaters. I bought the bits from Forge World and they are en route. I even spent a few hours on Saturday cleaning the flash off of Mark 3 Space Marine armour so I could get this project off the ground. BUT as I worked... All the while I thought, I still don't know what the new Chaos Legions book with hold. And that made me a little nervous. 

Now you might think that spending cash on upgrade pieces would show my commitment to the project and to a great degree it does. But I needed those parts to get in the mail so I could get going and ship times from the UK to Australia during Christmas time are always a problem. Now though... I am at a crossroads. Do I stay the course regardless of rules and stick with the World Eaters? I am thinking so but as rumours of the other rules in the book trickle out of GW, I am starting to doubt my plans. 

Do the World Eater rules look bad... Hell NO!!! Let's take a look.

Apparently WE forces must take the Mark of Khorne, Berserkers are troops, and there is a rule that gives models fearless and furious charge plus lots of other rules including a free run at the start of the game. I will admit I am rusty at my GW rumour finding so many of these could be wrong. The consensus is though that World Eaters are bad ass. Cool.

So what is wrong? Weellllllllll... I also love Noise Marines. A LOT! As you can see here

The Emperor's Children rules not only give models a base 6+ Feel No Pain rule but they also give noise weapons a better strength and the shred rules. This does not fix some of the range issues that the sonic blasters have but a couple of units of noise marines would be awesome objective grabbers.  Plus the Forge World Noise Marine models look fantastic.


I guess I am going to have to wait until the weekend to see the actual Legion rules before I 100% commit. That said I am 85% in the World Eater camp...  

I guess, I should work on 32mm scenic bases in the meantime?  Hmmm... Time to buy some cork sheets.

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