Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Back from the Dead!

Soooo....  I am not dead...

In fact I am quite good.  Why no posts in a few months?  Well, I have been busy.  I had to write close to 50 pages of reports this last time around and that just consumed my life in a really big way.  Term 2 is always the busiest time for primary school teachers (for me at least) so I am sorry to say that the old blog has suffered.

I have also been doing a little travelling, throwing a few darts, reading a few good books (more on that soon) and having a really good time.

Living the dream kids....  I am living the dream...

Lots to discuss...

First of all, after over two months of limbo my Puppets of War "wraiths" showed up. Looks like they sent them on April 3rd and they arrived the 22nd of June.  I was getting fairly cranky and it turns out the only people that I could be cranky at were...  the Australian post.  My thanks to Puppets for getting them out so quickly.  If they had not, Lord knows when I would have gotten them. For those not knowing what I am talking about...  These guys (Wraithwing here I come!):

In other news, I survived another excellent Rumble in the Bronx a few months back.  I took my mate Dave's Vampire Counts army using the new rules and I really enjoyed myself.  I like the balance of the new book and had a lot of fun with a little mix of everything.  Because Rumble did not allow lord choices my unit of 5 Hexwraiths got away with murder!  I ended up fairly well and would have podiumed if I had not gotten smashed in the last round by Dom's Dark Elves.  You could say that I hit the glass ceiling so hard I bounced!

Scibor has been busy of late releasing all kinds of new toys that I think I will be ordering shortly.  Here are a few of my favourites that I think will work brilliantly into my soon to be started Custodes Army made up of the Scibor Legionnaires line (that I already have)...  I have been holding off on starting the army as I am waiting to see what 6th edition of 40K holds.  I suppose that wait will be over rather quickly.

Speaking of 6th Edition:  There are lots of rumours and "confirmed" fact rolling around at the moment. I am very excited that 6th "will" be using premeasuring as I think that it was a brilliant addition to fantasy.  I will be honest the allies rules rumours both excite and disgust me.  I am excited about running a chaos army again with cultists and/or proper daemons but I really hope that these rules do not throw the game dynamics out the window.  We will see all in good time I suppose....

And last but not least, I cannot wait for Dredd to hit the big screen!

More soon with actual hobby!



  1. Yeah... I know... I am back... :)

  2. Hard hobby deadline time, next army will be finished by when?

  3. Hopefully in the next two weeks... School holidays start tomorrow at 2:30...