Monday, August 29, 2011

Blood Angels Death Company Army

Soooo I recently attended the first day of a local 40K tourney called Eastcon. I missed day two due to malaise and malady BUT I did have a blast on the first day messing around with an army I was convinced I could not win with. I went 1, 1, and 1 with an almost pure Death Company army (I did have a scout squad)... Obviously I struggled with objective grabbing (losing one game and tie-ing the other) but when it was kill points... Ooooooo was it fun to slaughter the opponent. It looks like a very point and click army because of rage BUT it really did take alot of thought to play especially in the deployment phase. I highly recommend taking goofy armies every now and then because I think it really does make you a better player.

Anyway... Onto the army: I used the DC models I got in a massive trade a year ago and added quite a bit of fine detailing. Anyway here are the foot troops...
Let us start with 10 CC scouts...

10 DC marines in a rhino (rhino obviously missing here)... 1 with fist, 1 with power weapon

9 DC with jump packs... 1 with fist, 1 with power weapon

5 DC with Jump Packs... 1 with fist, 1 with Power Weapon (these live with Astorath in the Storm Raven)

5 DC... 1 with fist (these live in the Drop Pod)

The Drop Pod... Not completely done but close enough to tick all the boxes... Will finish soon.

DC Rhino (Dread not shown because both the Dread and Rhino's pictures were ruined by crappy lighting... See the Storm Raven pictures for more wacky lighting).

The Storm Raven...

Like the Drop Pod it is not done to the level that I feel entirely comfortable with. I need to highlight the grey highlights at least one more level up.

I also need to add more red crosses and do more fine detailing.

After finishing this model it needs a matte spray to even the black. It does look fairly average right now... Sorry about that.

Til next time gang... Keep messing around with armies that people say will not work! :)

Sunday, August 28, 2011


Soooo I posted pictures of my Tomb King characters the other day... Here are some pictures of some the nifty toys that I painted to match the army at the same time.
My Bone Giant (yes I know they have a different name now)...

My Screaming Skull Catapult:
When I got this kit it was missing the throwing arm and since it was a gift when I worked for the company I really couldn't have asked for a replacement part... I do have crap loads of chariots soooooo my catapult got an un orthodox throwing arm. The giant warp stone rocks are from the original Warhammer siege set. I grabbed a bunch of these are different points in my career at GW and weirdly they are one of my favourite models to paint. Sorry the crew were a broken mess when I had these taken so their images are obviously not seen here... They match my regular skeletons.

Tomb Scorpion:
Gold... coming out of the sand... Yeah... pretty straight forward...

What is next for the tomb kings... Well, I need to play some games with them in this edition but I am hoping that at some point I can paint a howdah sphinx and I have made designs to make giant scorpion riders to use as necropolis knights... though the snake surfer models are beginning to grow on me...

Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Sun Rises on a Load of New Minis


Well it seems that my long held desire for more samurai and japanese themed toy soldiers is getting a bounty of tasty treats from a variety of sources at once.

Let's start with the new Kromlech sci-fi samurai bitz to jazz up your otherwise western space marine armies.
They are releasing a set of resin back packs with built in sashimono with henya or oni faces sculpted on...

They are also releasing similarly themed helmets. To be honest many of these look alittle too power rangers for me but I do really like the one on the upper left. It has the right feel and looks suitably brutal.

For those of you in a more feudal state of mind... Wargames Factory is in preproduction of what is hopefully their first samurai set. The preview model they show looks really nice and will be released in a multi-part hard plastic format soonish. I will be very jazzed if the final product retains most of the detail that we see here. Multi-part samurai is something that I would consider doing bad things to people for. What is also exciting is Wargames Factory's lower price point (than GW) so when they put these out they will be cheaper and thus much easier to obtain (huge numbers of)...

If you would like to see more of this model you can check out a 3-D rendering that you can manipulate here:

Even though Battlefront refuses to make me happy by releasing a Japanese force for Flames of War (with some weak excuse about needing to change the game to reflect the combat even though they put out a Vietnam version of the game... similar dynamic kids... grumble...) WWII lovers have not missed out on this feast of toys. Warlord games have released a box of metal Japanese soldiers...

While the models do look nice and properly detailed... I am bummed that they are not plastic. I have bought the plastic Germans and will buy the plastic "Tommies" BUT only for imperial guard conversions... I will not do the same if the Japanese are in metal. That being said they do look nice.

And while they are not Japanese themed they are themed...
Puppets of War has released Bandito Heads for orks a while back and to be honest I was not sure where I should stick them... They do deserve a mention though...

Til next time gang...

Friday, August 26, 2011

Tomb King Superfriends

After having painted these models a few years back... I actually got around to someone taking some pictures of my character models...

Lets start with the group shot...

The Tomb King is one of my favourites... He is made from pieces of lots of kits but mainly from the blood bowl mummy model. I like that he looks less scrawny than the usual tomb king. As I painted him in a hurry I should got back and give his shield some extra love and maybe an extreme highlight or two (more) on his skin... There are three greys there now but they are just too subtle. I will have to finish painting this guy's flaming chariot sometime.

Next up is my mounted Liche Priest. Another of my favourites... He is made up from pieces of the mounted liche priest, plastic flagellants and a plastic empire mage kit.

His foot mounted brother is much easier to identify as an empire plastic wizard with the head of a TK blood bowl player and the top of the staff taken from the unused half of the mounted Liche Priest.

And last but not least my stand in Casket of Souls... I have started converting one carried by tomb guard ala the Arc of the Covenant on the move but have not gotten anywhere yet. This has been my stand in for a while. It is also my corpse cart when I use this army as Vampire Counts... You might notice the missing hand... Yeah... Should fix that one of these days...

The Inquisitorial Land Raider

Soooo Here i the finished Land Raider that I converted and painted to match my guard army as part of my Grey Knight's Henchmen army. It is also the land raider that I have a piece of in my left eye (and why I will never have a CAT scan again)...

I took these pictures using my new IPAD... The experiment did not yeild the best results... Here are the results non the less....

I know the assault cannon barrels do not match but I really like the one of a kind look that it achieved. The barrels are from two separate forge world Tau kits. I wanted it to have a minigun or Predator "Old Painless" look. I like the end result.

I know the camo scheme is a little odd but it matches my aircav guard army meaning I could use the chimeras and guard from my regular list and just add the land raider and a few henchmen and viola... a new army

From the top down... The Eagles on the top are from a Cities of Death building kit.

Here is a shot of some of the other vehicles from the army in action.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Book of Grudges Final Results!

Here they are in all of their glory. There was a mix up in a set of scores that resulted in Aaron coming off the podium and Leopold rising in the ranks.

Click the image if you would like to see it larger.

Click the image if you would like to see it larger.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Maximini Sniper Rifle Review

Well “The Land O Misfit Toys” has officially had it’s first ever tournament. Book of Grudges is done and dusted. I will get results and a TO report up shortly (double checking a few scores… sleeping… you know the important stuff).

I did have a blast and Realm Of Legends is a GREAT venue but I will get back to that. One thing that I do love about the shop is that they have all sorts of bitz and bobs that I can pick up for existing projects that I have never seen anywhere but on the internet.

This last weekend I picked up a pack of Maximini sniper rifles. I had been eyeing these up for quite a while but was worried about how the barrels of would come out (resin, thin barrels are usually not so good). Anyway, Ross and Maria had a pack of these bad boys that I happily picked up for my Raven Guard scout army (yet another project kids).

Anyway I thought I would let you guys (and gals) in on my opinions about the blister pack. There were 5 rifles in the pack and while some of the flash was horrific it was only on the casting tab. The rifles themselves were clean as a whistle with crisp edges and details. The barrels of the rifles were straight and nice (as were the bi-pod legs).

Love them.

My only gripe is that I am not sure HOW I am going to get the rifles and bi-pods off the casting tab without breaking things (I am a bit of a bull in a china shop some days). That though is a challenge for another day.

My quick two cents…

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Return of the Tin Boyz

Soooo... Back in the glorious days of the unplayable game of Rogue Trader there existed Tin Boyz... See the first tin boyz post for more info... Anyway... I really wanted to recreate the feel of the original Tin boyz as the meganobz in my orkingrad list. I was shooting for 1940's techno-orki-badness. Big brutes... Here are someone else's tinboyz... the originals...

Here are my versions... As I said big brutes... They are killer kan sized (those are 40 mil bases)...

I used tamiya barrels as torsos, leman russ wheels as heads and thumb tact heads for optical sensors, skaven hands and lots of plasticard for the rest...

The back packs are from the imperial guard cadian sprue and the armour chest plates are from the Rogue Trader Battle Wagon model kit.

I have to say I am pretty pleased with how they turned out. Might make more and use them as a terminator army at some point. They need shoota/ storm bolters at some point but for now... They are fine...

Back to the Death Company!


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

WIP shots... Storm Raven

Well after an age in a box, my long lost Storm Raven has seen the light of day...
I will admit I have been very sloppy when putting on the many coats of mechrite red and chainmail. I will go back and touch the black up once the I have a nice smooth metal and red to wash and highlight.

I know it looks really messy right now BUT I will fix it up.

I have started edge highlighting the black with astronomicon grey. It is a little lighter than I had hoped so I am thinking of adding further highlights of codex before washing all the black down with badab black.

As you can see I built this SR out of a valkyrie and a land raider with bitz from the old rhino, the drop pod and assorted Blood Angel brass etch from Forgeworld. Sure the GW Storm Raven kits look good but I really like the flying land raider feel mine has.

More soon...