Saturday, February 23, 2013

Rothand Studios Hierotitan Conversion Kit Review

In recent years GW has really gotten into releasing dual purpose kits...  Every major plastic kit is seems can be used for two units or more.  Sadly when you build one of these builds you end up with lots of extra parts.  Not always a bad thing when you love to convert as much as I do BUT the Warsphinx kit has always annoyed me.  Until now....

I saw this Hierotitian conversion kit on a Warseer modelling log over the Christmas holiday and thought it looked really good.  I was also excited because having a set (or two) would give me a set of legs for the alternate upper body that comes with the Warsphinx kit.  I had seen a few conversions online with sculpted snake lower bodies and while that is something that I am likely to do myself (looking at my daemon armies) I wanted something that looked a little less DIY.

Anyway I contacted Rothand Studios and ordered a set of legs via email and a few short weeks later these showed up! Now it should be noted that in the picture on the left the kit has a number of extra conversion bits (hands and what they are holding most specifically) that are NOT part of this conversion kit.  That is fine.  The legs have always been the problem for me.  I hate the idea that I waste such a cool looking top half of a model.  Anyway...  On to the kit itself.

The price was good.  From memory... $30 or so with shipping (could have been less)...  The shipping was fast and the packing was good.  All very dependable and excellent.  Now to the good stuff!

The kit itself comes in four pieces:
1) lower legs
2) the groin
3) the loin cloth
4) a knee cap

You can see the parts as they arrived in my mailbox the other day.  I leaned the loin cloth on the groin for the photo because when I had it separate it it looked funny despite looking good in real life.

The casting of these models is very good with very few minor mold lines.  Lines are crisp and there is a surprising amount of detail worked into the groin wrappings and loin cloth.  It looks like a treat to paint up.

I also especially like the detail modelled onto the feet and sandals.  Very sharp and professional.  I have taken some of the bitz from the GW kit and they fit these legs like a dream.  This makes me a VERY happy camper!

To the left you can see the kit blue tac-ed together and you can see the groin section of the kit without the loin cloth.

I would estimate this kit would take literally 5 minutes to clean, assemble and glue.  Since I am time poor these days... I LOVE the idea of that!

My only gripe with the kit is I think the teeth on the kneepads look like they need more detailing.  Then again.... That is my pre painting opinion.  Looking at finished versions online I assume that will not be a problem once paint hits model.

To conclude:  This conversion kit is AMAZING!  If you play Tomb Kings...  You SHOULD BUY ONE NOW!  More small independent companies should get out there and do kits like this.

Rothand Studios...  Check them out! (They have a Kdaii kit and a new treeman kit as well as a dragon hide banner.)

Til next time gang!

P.S. Daemons coming next month!  How excited am I?!?!

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  1. Apologies for post necromancy: How tall is the completed model (colossus legs + necrosphinx)? Would be curious to know if say, it towers over a GK Dreadknight. Think the conversion would make an awesome Tzeentch Demon prince!