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As we all know Warlord games typically kick out large numbers of quality resin vehicles that we can use in our BA armies and games. They have a huge selection of armour and armoured vehicles for every major power (and most minor powers) in WWII. The problem is that as more BA army books release the list of vehicles NOT released grows by leaps and bounds. Now they are doing an admirable job of filling the blanks but some of us need our toys now. This has lead me on a search for quality manufactures of 1:56 WWII vehicles that are a) not thousands of pieces to build and b) not already in Warlord's production range. Now I have a soon (ish) to be built Marine army that needed some vehicular support and according to the Iwa Jima selector... I had only one option for armoured cars... The M3... But Warlord does not make this...

Thankfully for me, JTFM Enterprises does though. JTFM is a Canadian company run by a very friendly fellow named Jeff. Now the company's website can be found at The product list there is extensive (especially if if you play Germans!) and what I like is that many vehicles covered are ones not made by Warlord. Bonus. I have piked up a Panzer II Luchs and the M3 White Scout Car. Today I will talk about the M3.
The kit comes in several pieces: body, wheels, roof, crew, weapons etc and came with a pleasing amount of additional stowage. The casting is crisp and clean and the detail is impressive (check out the diamond plating on the bumper and inside the crew compartment). There were very few mold lines (as you can see in the pictures) and though I have not actually built the model yet the pieces slide together beautifully. All in all I am massively happy with what I bought! The model had one broken axle but that is a two second super glue job so I am definitely not concerned!

I like how the kit came with a page of pictures of the actual vehicle from different angles and a parts list (something missing from many WWII kits). Now... There are no instructions but with a kit of this type... none are needed.

My only gripe with this kit is the length of time it took to arrive. I had to wait something like 6 weeks. Now I understand that I live in Australia and things take a long time to get here but Jeff admitted via email that he had been swamped and he had been delayed in sending this out to me. I know he is currently hiring so hopefully this problem will improve in the future as I fully intend to order more from the man in the future.

I am overjoyed with the kit and would recommend JTFM's wares to everyone... (The Panzer II was the same quality for those wondering)
You can find JTFM's products on the Die Waffenkammer website:
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