Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Cast Dice Podcast: Episode 1, Looking At Malifaux

Welcome to the very first episode of Cast Dice!
With all the fantastic tabletop games and war games available these days, it makes sense to see what is out there and that is the aim of this podcast. That is to examine and discuss popular games, the elements of event play and the gaming industry and to generally have a good time doing it.
My name is Old Man Morin and in the inaugural episode of this podcast, I am joined by, the one and only, DaveOwaR and the prolific gamer Monty (AKA Skilto) to look at Wyrd Miniatures game entitled Malifaux.
Stay tuned for future episodes soon touching on Konflikt '47, Bolt Action and Gaslands...
Thank you for tuning in and checking us out!

You can find this episode in the iTunes store or you can download it directly HERE.

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