Thursday, October 28, 2010

BLOODY RATS!!! (or my new Skaven army)

So hot on the heels of my most recent fantasy tourney successes I thought I would try to play with something that would not warrant a massive comp crotch hit. Yes I have been playing hard lists but I have been playing in no comp tournies. That trend will not last and I look forward to properly comped 8th ed events. Anyway with balance in mind I got this awesome army in the mail the other night. BLOODY RATS!!!

The Characters (There is also a plague priest on a furnace... more picts coming)

Two units of slaves... Here is a picture of one of them...

Now you will obviously see that the army is blood spattered in gore. This is achieved through the use of Tamiya Clear Red paint. It is mixed with Babdab Black to varying degrees before being carefully sprayed on using various methods. As I add to the army I will show how this is done.

Two units of clan rats:

Giant Rats:

Now I do not plan on using rats in my army so I am going to use the rats and handlers as fillers to mix in with the existing slaves and can rats...

Weapon Teams: (Warp Fire Thrower and Doom Flayer)

Furnace and Plague Monks:

Ninja Rats:

Doom Wheel:

Warp Lightning Cannon:

Here is a shot of what they look like before the final highlight and blood:

Yeah the whole army could probably use some extreme highlighting to really "Pop" but I really like the way it looks as is...
I am sure I will get stuck into it soon to tighten it up a bit. Until next time sports fans!


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