Saturday, June 18, 2011

Return of the Great White Dope!

Sooooooooooo.... Some of you might remember that about 18 months ago I got a piece of metal stuck in my eye when I was cleaning flash off of some space wolves shoulder pads.... Well, it happened again. My wife left town (which is when I hurt myself) and I flicked a piece of metal in my eye that has caused me massive amounts of grief.

Now you may be saying to yourself... "dude you have two eyes what is the big deal...." Well I was born with a rare genetic disease called ambliopia (spelling?) that weakened the connection between my brain and my right eye. As this deteriorated the connection and not the eye itself... It is not correctable with glasses, or anything else... I am legally blind in my right eye...

Well, I flicked a piece of metal into my left eye when cleaning the flash off of the bitz to a land raider crusader. The metal imbedded itself in my cornea and it has been a nightmare ever since. I went to the Melbourne Eye and Ear hospital (I highly recommend it if you have this kind of injury btw) and they used the world's smallest dremel to dig out 90% of the metal... The other 10% is still in there causing permanent damage. I was supposed to get the last bit "melted" out today BUT my eye was not ready so they will try again next week. All in all this really blows...

I could really use your prayers if you are into that sort of thing... I only have one eye and I really need it to work... or I am screwed in a way that I cannot describe and my vision is pretty blurry at the moment... anyway... that is where I have been...



  1. The very best of luck with getting the last of the metal out of your eye Brad, I dearly hope your eye heals up fully.

  2. I hope your eye heals up quickly dude. What a pain in the ass that must be, especially with the missus out of town. I also demand you wear safety glasses from now on when cleaning up your models.

    Take care and I hope the season goes well for the 'Pies ; )


  3. Brad....all the best mate.

    I'm with Dave (except about Collingwood)you must wear safety glasses - MUST

  4. Hope that it works out OK. Best wishes!

  5. Sorry to hear it, Brad. Our prayers are with you. And yeah, what Dave said. Wear some sort of eye protection when you're doing this sort of thing from now on. It would be bad enough this happening to someone with 2 functioning eyes...