Monday, January 23, 2012

The Death Guard Continue to Improve (Now with panel painting)

Sooo...  My lack of posting is almost at an end.  I finally move into more permanent housing after separating from my wife on Tuesday.  Once that happens, I go back to having the internet and most of my toy soldiers.  Sorry for the sorry few months.

I have been pounding out a WOC army for Cancon this weekend.  More on that tomorrow I hope.

In the meantime.  I have panel painted the 4 squads of plague marines.  I normally hate panel painting but I actually enjoyed doing these.  Weird.  They still need three additional layers of streak highlighting but compared to panel painting that is really fun and much faster.

This is were I am at: (as always click on the photo if you would like a closer look)

Til next time....

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