Monday, January 23, 2012

Friend's Necron Conversions and Exciting New Gear From a Variety of Sources

Sooo I dropped by my local GW today and saw some excellent necron love being perpetuated by my buddies Liam and Mo.

Let's start with Liam's stuff.  Lots of really cool conversions.  First of all he has kit based an entired squad of differently posed Crypteks.

Here are three:
from the front

from the back
I also really like his take on Wraiths.  He was mid build on these so I only got a few finished shots.  They use the legs of the tomb banshee and plasticard for the bladed hands.

And last but not least one of Liam's kick ass revamp of the old tomb spider model.

Now Mo came to the table with something else much larger and completely different... (Please keep in mind that Mo is still base coating this model.  I should have gotten a few shots of Mo's finished necrons because they are beautiful!

And while we are discussing Stalker models...  Still no word from GW as to what is coming out next month (the 25th Anniversary of 40K hitting shelves).  Will it be a 2nd wave of Necron stuff, will it be 6th ed, or there are even rumors of another wave of nid toys?  Which ever it is...  It is my birthday and I plan on dropping some coin.

In the meantime.  Blightwheel miniatures has created their own version of the Stalker model (or a Stalk tank from the Gaunt's Ghosts books).  The Mantis Walker will be released soon.

And last but not least. Avatars of War will be putting out their own version of Chaos Warriors soon.
Here is a sneak peek:
And last but not least... a shot of me drinking with a member of INXS who I ran into at my favourite local the other night. I am such an 80's fanboy!
Til next time gang!