Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Closer Look at The Guard

Sooo I have spent some more time painting the ol Deathwing and they are coming along.  I was in the local GW shop and a few guys wanted me to post closer pictures of the infantry (veterans) that go in the Valkyries that make up my aircav army.  This is for you guys...
First up we have the Company Command Squad (I dropped my commander when pulling him out of the case and he is in little pieces at the moment...  Grrr...  The guy on the left standing in for my leader is my version of Marbo)
Below you can see the six squads of 10 veterans with various assault weapons.

 And now some extra stuff:
The dude on the left is my version of Harker.
The guys in the middle go in the back of my converted Medusa when I run this army as a Tank List.
The guy on the right is a generic command type model when I run the list as an infantry list.

Rocket Troops for when I need them...

Additional Assault Weapons and a random Sergeant Model

And there you have it....  A closer look at the guard.

And now I am off to check out Mana Bar Melbourne.  A video game themed bar north of the city.  Details to follow...
(I love school holidays!)


  1. Go on. Show us the flying cav that make people cry!!

  2. These are indeed gorgeous - thank you for sharing!