Tuesday, April 3, 2012

VICC wrap up continued and Assorted Goodies

Thank God for School Holidays!  !  !

After a monster term I am catching up on my sleep and my hobby.  I have been feverishly painting my old Deathwing with the idea that I could quickly knock them out and then maybe finish my necrons or my Death Guard...  Wellllll that is not exactly happening. They are coming and I will have piccies soon (the ones I took with my desk lamp look awful, I will get better ones in daylight tomorrow).

Changing gears; I have taken a bit of flak for not writing a better wrap up to the VICC event as it was such a big part of the Victorian Tourney Calendar.  I will be honest with everything on the go at the end of last term I can't really remember things that well...  It is a good thing that Adam and Noakes (my intrepid 40K team mates) wrote better write ups on their blogs:


Now I hate writing updates with no pictures so...  here is a shot of an old tattoo that I recently had updated (the star is new)...  That is my right shoulder for those wondering...

And in other news... I am super excited about the upcoming Judge Dredd reboot.  How good does Karl Urban look as Dredd?!?!?
I am also quite excited about the K'Dai Fireborn spotted at the recent ForgeWorld open day.  I am withholding judgement until I can see them with paint on.  That said...  I think they look good?
Need better pictures...
Back tomorrow with actual pictures of my hobby!  I promise!


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