Monday, August 27, 2012

I start "Ze Germans"

As my buddy Dave said in his last post...   We are getting into Bolt Action. Now as an ex-sales GW boy in the USA (ages ago), I know alot of people in the gaming world many of whom started at GW who are now spread across the gaming industry. My old boss works for Battlefront and he and I have talked about FOW for a number of years now. I do love the era. I love the game but I struggle with the scale.  I think it is because I was trying to paint pea dot camo on 15mm SS German models... (Not a smart place to start)

The boys at GW always used to mess around with historical stuff and while I loved to watch them play I never could get my head around the rules or the poor models (compared to GW at the time). Welllll... That has changed. 

Rick "The Man Who Wrote 40K" Priestly has written a set of rules for my preferred scale (28mm) WWII! Needless to say. I am very keen. Now a few months back I bought a box of of new Warlord games plastic Germans and the quality of the models was startlingly good. (I bought them because I wrote a set of pulp action rules that never quite got off the ground)

Anyway... I hit Mind Games the other day and picked up the new rules set and the beginnings of a german army to round out what I already had.

IPB Image
40 Germans and a Tiger should be a good place to start...

I have a few other toys on order and the rest of a army's worth of these bases...
IPB Image

I am going for an old European city urban feel... Cobblestone bases, some cobblestone/rumble bases... Maybe stick a wrecked wall on the back of a larger base or two. Still have to figure it out.


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  1. I remember the days of painting 20mm SS Germans in Oak Peadot camo at our old place. Never did finish all of them and they still sit today waiting for attention.

    Bolt Action figures look great and the sculpting quality is fantastic.