Monday, September 3, 2012

What is Bolt Action?

So I have had a pile of people in the hobby asking me about Bolt Action...  In simple terms it is like Warhammer 2C (20th century) instead of 40K.  It is a Warhammer style war-game set during World War II and it is written by the daddy of Warhammer 40K Rick "The Man" Priestly and Alessio Cavatore of ex GW studio fame.  It is supposedly a skirmish level game but with the suggested 1000 point game levels it looks like a small battle with 40 or more infantry, tanks, artillery, etc...  

Without further ado...  Here Rick himself telling you about it:

Now I have been asked about scale.  Here are a few models from GW and a few from Warlord games next to each other.

It is not exactly the GW Warhammer "engine" so to speak but it is close and looks very familiar once you start to play.  I will get more of my germans up soon but in the meantime I am feverishly painting the Gumby Army for Book Of Grudges (Fantasy tournament in Melbourne) this weekend. Speaking of which...  Looks like we will have close to 50 players.  The trophies and prizes are ordered.  The hall is paid for..  It is almost party time!

Back with daemon pictures tomorrow!


  1. Thanks for the post. I have been really tempted to start up Bolt Action. as you said there are some good reasons too..
    - Rick Priestly & Alessio Cavatore, so the rules must be pretty sweet.
    - nice looking mini's
    - the price Kills 40k especially in Australia

    For me I just need to find a few people down in South Oz to play against.

  2. Come over to Melbourne matey. We have a crew getting something together at the moment! :)