Friday, February 8, 2019

1/56 G.I. JOE VAMP Jeep

 Today I am back to talk about another of my favourite G.I. Joe vehicles. The VAMP was the second Joe vehicle that I collected as a kid and over the years it is easily one of the toys that I played with most. Naturally, it was one of the first models that I wanted to add to this army.

I got this model from Shapeways and even though it is made from a low quality material, once painted, I think it came up nicely! The sponge method used to represent the chipped whitewash hid the worst of the materials sins, thankfully.

Like the MOBAT, the VAMP, was featured heavily in the pages of the comic and its driver, Clutch, is one of my top ten Joe's of all time.

Over the years there have been a huge number of VAMP variants, used by both Joe and Cobra forces. The weapon systems on these vehicles also varied dramatically. When painting this one, I left the weapons off the back deck on purpose while I figure out how I am going to use it on the tabletop. In the meantime, I will use it as a jeep or a wheeled artillery tow. 

Though the VAMP has come in a myriad of colours over the years, I thought I would stick to the classic green. I did this despite the roof and doors being features of the VAMP MK2 (which was tan).

I definitely need to source some fuel cans for the rack in the back.

I have three of these models already printed plus a Mk 1 Diecast kit, a few Cobra Stingers and some "What-if" trucks made using the cabs from this iconic vehicle.

You will definitely be seeing more VAMP's soon!


  1. That looks awesome Brad! Nicely done on the windows too 🙂
    Can't wait to see you paint up the Stinger! The jet black with the gray doors and roof, that was one of my favorite Cobra toys back in the day!

    1. Yeah man! Me too!

      The Stinger is on my shot list of Joe vehicles to paint up ASAP.

  2. Great stuff again! Its a great piece on the table with those twin 50 cals. Shredded soft skins in a game we played.

    1. Ooooo. I love that! I was going to use it as a light auto cannon but, you are right, twin 50 cals is the perfect fit for that weapon system!

  3. Love it man! You are using ww2 winter Germans or Russians?

    I have a couple of the old Diecast VAMPS. One intact, and the other 2 without weapons. I may have come across a metal twin 50 for one, and the other I want to make the VAMP MK2 rocket pack for.

    I recently was able to get a couple of DP Stingers to match. Need to paint them up, and repair the damage/miscast to the hand rails. Very exciting matchup with the Diecast VAMPS. Were yours printed 36% to match the Diecast?

  4. Thanks man! I am not sure, I will need to mix and match some of the rules for BA armies to get it to really work. If I was going to play regular BA with these I would definitely use the Germans though because.. Assault rifles.

    I love the old die-cast VAMP! I have a broken one that I need to paint up soon!

    I think mine are printed at 39%.