Thursday, August 5, 2010

Arcanicon 2011 (Yup I already bought my army)

Arcanicon is the largest 40K tourney in the Southern Hemisphere. It takes place in Melbourne every year (the last weekend in January). I was an Arc regular for a number of years but have been taking a break the last couple of years. After my disappointing time at Cancon (in Canberra last year on the same weekend) I thought I would save myself a bundle of money on travel expenses and stay near to home (and go to a much better tourney environment). Don't get me wrong Cancon 40K was run well but I just did not enjoy myself in quite a few of the games that I played. There seemed to be an air of desperation to win running through a majority of the games. This is not to say that Arc is not competitive because it is. It is just a much more fun atmosphere which is important with that many players. Mark Morrison and his WATT crew go to great lengths to ensure a fun weekend on many levels.

Anyway, I took an infantry based guard army to Arc all those years ago (when it was my first time). I think that since this will be my return to Arc I will bring something out of the old list. I sold my Mordian's years ago and while I love my stormtrooper/ swat guard... I want to do something new.

I have been toying for literally a few years with the idea of doing a Forge World Tallarn Army. What's that you might say? FW Tallarn? They don't make an army of those guys... Well they do make a sniper team and heavy weapon crews. I have a feeling that they were making more of an effort here and had to stop to work on something else. The snipers use rifles that are identical to the regular las rifles. There is enough differentiation in the heavy weapon troopers to convert the rest of the army IMO. It is an expensive proposition (costs more than the FW Krieg models by a fair margin) but that has never stopped me before.

Last night I ordered over 100 of these bad boys...

The las-gunners:

Assorted Heavy weapon guys:

In the meantime I continue to paint bugs... Let see how long FW takes this time. Months last time...


  1. I hope FW doesn't take too long. I'm anxious to see your new army.
    I'm curious. How many different poses do you think you can get from what you ordered?
    Is a Mukaali Squadron also in your future?

  2. I am not a fan of the Mukaali squadron but I did order the sergeant to convert to a foot trooper. If I did use rough riders I would use them en-masse (and I would convert the old metal ones). I was going to use 9 sentinels... BUT now that you mention it... Hmmmm... 30 Rough Riders would be equally fun if not more effective to use...

  3. Everything else... I have to see whan it gets here... Maybe next Friday if I am lucky... maybe..