Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Progress on the eggs

So I spent most of the day sick on the couch watching the Wire, Red Heat, and The Wolfman... I did get some painting in though...
(this is not one of mine)
The eggs are causing me some issues but this is what I have so far... I primed them black and painted them beastial brown... Hit them with Khemri Brown... Washed them with Devlin... I double washed the crosses at the top. And this is what I came up with... Might hit them with a diluted green wash? maybe throw in some black or red? What do you guys think?

Something else I did today:

A picture of my Valkyries at a recent tourney. Yup this was my deployment...


  1. Potatoes?

    Paint some vertical stripes up the side with a few layers of different shades of red to break up the color.

    After looking at them again, I didn't realize how small they were. Fingerling potatoes, woo-hoo!!

  2. Good idea... I will give it a try...

    Yeah they are supposed to be about waist height in the movies.... I went for a little bigger...