Saturday, August 7, 2010

Taking The Nids out for Their First Spin

Well the nids were finally assembled to the point where I could give them a proper spin. Not quite what I expected but they were a lot of fun to play. I challenged my buddy Wes whose Imperial Fists have appeared on the blog before (yup he paints his Fists with no foundation paints...). He is painting one up for my Space Marine Project as well... Good times.

The Tervigon was a champion. I only have 15 termigaunts but those became animals with furious charge, counter charge, Poison Attacks, AND FEEL NO PAIN!!! HOLY CRAP!!! I need more Termigaunts (my list is in though)!!! Speaking of more... I crapped out 8 termigaunts before the tervi ran dry... C'est la vie...

Well I outflanked my Genestealers who arrived mid-game to eat Wes's scouts and eventually his captain. Genestealers good but not as good as I hoped...

Mawloc's.... Meh... Scattered off and actually wounded my Trygon who was AWESOME!!!

My Prime with a lash whip and bone sword ate his librarian. Lash whip dropping int on baddies before poison gaunts get stuck in... Ooooooo!


Here is Wes's great Iron Clad before My Trygon ate him...

I also have a few shots of my buddy Vince's versions of the Caestus Ram Ships.... Here is the Forgeworld one....

Here are some shots of Vince's... Obviously they are WIP... Vince's ruined building with drop pod inside it can be seen above.

A shot of the new Rat Ogres from the new core box...

A shot of the new Plastic Blood Crushers:

In the "I want it now box" is the new Gale Force Nine Terrain in a box... Especially this little baby. I will be getting this bad dog the second it hits my local. Can't wait!

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