Thursday, December 16, 2010

Chaos Dwarf Week... Continues...

As Mantic games has been leaking pictures and sketches of their khaos dwarves this week I thought I would work on some chaos dwarves myself... ( while I wait for the final Cancon player pack to know which army I am taking).

First of all I have my basic chaos dwarf warriors. Now a few people I have shown these to have thought they were the regular GW chaos dwarf models... They aren't. :) They are the top half of the bull centaurs and the bottom half of the old chaos dwarf plastic warriors I got in a trade (I had no trouble cutting these in half as I hate the models!). I did keep the hats for later though...

As a note. There has been some variations of Chaos Dwarves over recent years with some people making armies with masks or chaos warrior helmets. These are cool but I am a lover of the little men with big hats. Hats for me please!

Here are a few... Sorry I black primed them... Hope you can see them.


Now... I have the bitz to do something like 23 or so models in this fashion. This means I have a pile of hats (from the plastic models I sawed in half) and a need for more models to fill in the rest of my army. I have truckloads of the old dwarf models ripe for conversion. Case in point, I made a few of these guys out of the old dwarf spearmen. I added an intact one so you can see what I have done. I think they are too small to do a unit of them (and I only have 10 of them) and they look literally... sad... not mean. I might have to change some eyebrows... Unit fillers anyone? (They need bulked bases and big shields I think).

I am also considering turning my unit of classic ironbreakers into Immortals... This is what they look like right now...


  1. Are you going to use the Indy GT list or the old Ravening Hordes list?

  2. Actually for the time being I was going to use the actual Dwarf list. I really do LOVE hobgoblins though so that will probably change quickly. I would probably use the ravening hordes list. Depends on the event really. You like the models Posey?

  3. It is hard to tell since they are just primed, I thought they were the old models at first. They look promising, and if they turn out like any of your other stuff I am sure they will look great.