Friday, December 3, 2010

Mantic is doing Chaos Dwarves

I am a big fan of all things chaos and all things stumpy. Always have been and I used too use chaos dwarves and nothing but chaos dwarves in Fantasy Battles. I sold my beloved CD's a few years back because I found that I just could not get anything else done because I liked the chaos dwarves so much. Fast forward a few years and just when forgeworld may or may not be kicking out a new forgeworld range... (here are the forgeworld ones...)

Anyway... Just as this is about to happen Mantic games have released pre-release pictures of a chaos dwarf conversion kit to convert their existing plastic dwarf range into chaos dwarves using metal conversion bitz packs. No idea on price yet but the plastic stuff is pretty reasonable so I expect the conversion packs won't break the bank either.

(images stolen from Beasts of War)

I really like how most of the kits make the dwarves look almost pre-hat chaos dwarves. Dark and chaos-y. Not very hashut but very chaos (especially the eye head).

I don't know if I like the dwarves. I really don't like the basic mantic dwarves but the chaos stuff really help to make the kits in my opinion. The warmachine on the other hand. Very old school looking. I love them.

I might be tempted to buy an army and dip em just to get a CD army up and coming before I can get my paws on a new forgeworld army (if they put one out). There is speculation that FW will only do war machines and special stuff BUT there is also talk that there will be proper warrior and blunderbuss crew that you will be able to buy separately. We will have to see...

Mantic is also interestingly releasing a pack of bitz to convert their elves to naughty elves... I would love to see them do something original!

In the meantime I will be keeping my eyes peeled.


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