Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Official Tomb King Info

So I got my grubby paws on the new TK book today for a quick spell...

Skeletons are clan rat points with hand weapon and shield.

Archers are 2 points more than that...

Ushabti are ten less than before with Great Weapon and hand weapon. You can pay extra to trade the great weapon for an additional hand weapon. more than that to get great bows... Not bolt throwers but strength 6 I think...

Chariots are 15 points more expensive but the crewmen get an extra attack each and they cause D6 impact hits now instead of D3. For every rank of chariots in a unit the strength of the impact hits goes up by 1.

Bone Giants are similar to before but are the cost of a hydra with additional hand weapon. You can give it a move and fire bolt thrower bow instead for 20 more points...

That is all I can remember now except that magic is AMAZING!


  1. How much has magic changed compared to 7th - the new rules in 8th I would think would really hurt TK with your reliance on bound items. Have the completely changed the system or just come up with some new army specific rules that allow the old TK magic to work in 8th.

  2. The new lore is up on my blog John. Same mechanics as for other races.

    Thanks for insights Brad.....appreciate it.

  3. Like Pete said... It is up on his blog. It is completely different. It really changes the way that TK players play the game. If you have one bad magic phase you are gonna have some trouble moving your army as fast as the next guy.
    I like how your primary liche priest has to take the lore of TK but others can take death or light (or TK).

    I also forgot to mention Necrotechs.... They are a new character that are the architects of the constructs and give the constructs hatred. With so many constructs in the list now these guys can be really valuable.

  4. Thanks for the updates Brad!