Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Review of Kromlech Resin Weapon Packs

Kromlech who used to sculpt for Maximini has come out with a range of "vibro weapons" which = force weapons or power weapons. I think they could work for grey knight power weapons for those of us who are no so keen on the GW grey knight line.

They have the halberds:
They are about the same size as the very old force halberds but the handles are a little thicker...

I am wondering the best way to have hands hold them. Maybe sculpt hands around the hafts of the weapons so I do not have to clip them and pin them (I hate pinning resin)...

The mold lines are good on all the kits... here is the little that was on the worst of the halberds (in two packs):

Without the glare:

The Kopesh swords are likewise really good. They come 6 in a pack (like the halberds) and fit marines pretty well... Though with these guys the handles are really thick. They will require work to actually fit in a marine hand.

There are three sculpts (like the halberds). They had almost no extra mold lines BUT the tips of a few of the swords seemed a bit blunt. A quick shave with a blade would fix this BUT it is there.

Without the glare:

I really like the style and quality of these model accessories. They have given me a naughty "pre-heresy thousand son as a grey knight army" itch that I am thinking hard about scratching. I like the gear and would recommend it for others but if you are a beginner hobbyist you may have a little trouble working with the resin to make them work.

You can find more of Kromlech's stuff here in their ebay store:

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