Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mangler Squig Continued plus a Troll Idea

Sooo... I am still alive...  My new job has been eating up my time in a big way but it is a job time so I am thankful.  I am hoping that I am going to be finding the time to get my hobby on.  I think I have found a way.

I have to say that I really appreciate you guys, my readers.  I hadn't realised how long it had been since my last post until I started getting emails and FB messages asking if I was alright.  I know life has been bad but of late it has taken a serious upwards turn.  I really do appreciate everyone's concern.  Thank you...

Now to the toy soldiers...
I have finally got the basic mangler squibs built.  I am waiting for them to dry so I can fur them up this weekend.
 As you can see I went with the one eye rather than two (or three).  I used the legs off of a chaos spawn kit and mounted them on large round bases.  Again I know they look ghetto...  but with the fur... I think they will look the business...
From the side...   I have to say that I love the lips and teeth on these guys.

Now working on these got me thinking...  I have been wanting to do a Throgg Troll list for ages...  sooo What if I made mini versions and ran them as trolls?
 Well here they are...
 I am using ork parts again.  This time ork arms as armatures for the legs.  Once they have been puttied over I think they will be perfect.  For now...  Not so much.
These guys need lips and eyes...  Still trying to figure out the eyes.  Not sure how many.  Thinking one large eye in the forehead.

Anyway...  More soon including an update on the scythe fighter for my buddy Nick who keeps asking.



  1. I like the Egg Troll idea.. might have to borrow that idea for trolls in my NG force..

    Waiting to see how the fur comes out, and how you take it from there..

  2. haha these are kinda cute mate

  3. Thanks guys. Need to get the fur going this weekend but not sure when. Regardless I am pretty excited about getting it all going and together... I think the trolls will pop with lips. Beginning to think I might skip eyes and go for a furry fringe.