Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Puppets of War: Wraiths And New Terminators from Forgeworld

Sooo I have been running a wraithwing for years using the old book and the old models but with a new book and now models I have been waiting to rebuilt the old wing.

Until now:  Puppets of War has just put out these beauties... I love these models!  I just ordered 12 of these puppies...  I cannot wait for them to arrive...

Looks like they come with alternate weapon arms as well... (Look at the whip arm below) 
I will need to convert up larger Tomb Spyders to match these guys but that is easy to do.  

2 units of 6 wraiths, 3 spiders and a pile of scarabs sounds like a cool base of a new army.

Speaking of new flash resin models… These models popped up from Forgeworld yesterday…  As I am painting a Deathwing army at the moment I am very familiar with the classic terminator models (and the most recent models) and…  I have to say I am not sure about these guys…  They look flash but to me they do not look like terminators to me.  

And here they are next to the regular plastic terms.


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