Saturday, February 25, 2012

WIP Mangler Squigs and Ugly Pump Wagons

Soooo...  As I horde bitz for the chaos dwarf project to continue I thought I would do something novel and try and finish an army.  Conquest in coming up Easter Weekend and Rumble in the Bronx is slated for the week after (both during my school holidays so I will theoretically have some more time to hobby). I got to talking with friends and thinking things through.  I will finish my Orcs and Goblins army for both and move onto the Chaos Dwarves for Empire in Flames later in the year.

Soooo Mangler squigs are amazing.  For their points they are brutal and honestly I love the fluff behind them...  Sadly I HATE the GW models for them with a passion and they don;t really match my army concept anyway... So I am going to make my own.  This in mind I bought some ping pong balls and got to work.  Stage 1 teeth:
I have intentionally left the teeth imperfect.  I have some plans for the messy spots later though there will be some sanding happening at some point...

Next up (24 hours later) Lips: (Part 1 upper lip... or bottom lip...  haven't decided yet):

 I also went on a mighty bitz hunt through the closet and not only found my missing vampire gear AND missing ghoul models I found the legs to some chaos spawn that with some recutting and sculpting will be perfect for these guys....  Have to think about the eyes soon too but I have to decide which lip is the upper lip first).  I will be heavily fur coating these guys at some point as well which means I need to get some grey stuff (best tools for the job and all)...

And here is the very beginning of an upside down pump wagon idea. Supposed to look mini-steam tanky....  I know it looks boring now...  I have a pile of stuff to add yet.

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  1. HA - I love the way those Mangler Squigs are shaping up - and the pump wagon too.

    One of the best things about the whole WFB and 40K universe is the humour that Greenskins in general bring with them (as well as fighty goodness of course!)

    Really looking forward to seeing how these turn out!