Monday, October 15, 2012

A Minor But Important Release From Scibor Miniatures

Scibor miniatures has been making incredible dwarf miniatures for years (and slowly over time I have been buying them for a dwarf army that I have not started yet.  I have enough models to make almost a complete army.  I was missing a few key items.  Scibor made a wide variety of dwarves you see.  But they did not make command group models.  Sure I can convert some and that is not the end of the work but as the models are generally one or two pieces I really didn't want to.  Looks like someone has been reading my mind, because:
Now if they would only do a group for their non-chaos dwarves I would have command models for all my units...

They were missing war machine crews until a few months back so I will be picking these dudes up at the same time.
And for those of you looking for good unit fillers... (I am definitely getting some of these ASAP)
Looks like my credit card is about to take another hit...


  1. Someone finally caught on to an accordion as a muso!

  2. Lol... Yup.. I still like yours better matey!