Saturday, October 13, 2012

My Axemaster List (Skaven)

I thought I would try ye old skaven again since they have not seen a tournament table since Empire In Flames 2010?  Or was it 11?  Either way, this is what I am having a go with.  Not sure it has the right toys to actually win games and my grey seer seems to love to blow himself up in turn 1 and 2 sooooo we will have to see how I go....

1 Grey Seer Lores of Plague & Ruin
Warp-energy Condensor
Talisman of Protection
1 Chieftain
Armour of Destiny
1 Plague Priest Lore of Plague
Dispel Scroll
Opal Amulet
Ironcurse Icon
1 Warlock Engineer with Doomrocket
1 Assassin Weeping Blades + Potion of Strength

25 Clanrats with Shields
32 Stormvermin with Storm Banner
25 Clanrats with Shields
50 Skaven slaves
50 Skaven slaves

42 Plague Monks with Full Command and Plague Banner
7 Gutter Runners with Slings and Poisoned Attacks
7 Gutter Runners with Slings and Poisoned Attacks

1 Warplightning Cannon
1 Plague Claw Catapult
1 Doom Wheel

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