Tuesday, October 9, 2012

WIP Nurgle Daemons

So I am back from my holiday in the states.  I am a little bit heavier and in far worse shape gym wise but otherwise I had a fantastic trip.  1 day in LA, 3 days in NYC and a week in Boston were just what the doctor ordered after a really intense end of term.

Now I have not done much with these since leaving but I realised on my trip that I had not actually posted pictures of my WIP Nurgle Daemons.

I decided to try the Army Painter product and I thought this would be the perfect project for what it claims to be able to do.  Now I had hoped to get the army done for Book Of Grudges but life and work got seriously in the way.

I sprayed the entire army the Army Painter bone colour and then painted all the metal items Red Gore. I then stippled the metal bits orange and cleaned up the skin with bleached bone.  I followed this up with the Army Painter Strong Tone.  Besides stinking and killing a brush (both of which I expected) the stuff worked the charm.  I applied the dip with a brush and waited 20 minutes before cleaning up pooled areas with the tip of a dry brush.

I then waited 24 hours and highlighted the metal bits with Mithreal Silver.  I think the rust has come out perfectly (or it will once I finish detailing and dull spray the whole army down).

Anyway...  Here are the photos....

One unit of Plague Bearers
Another Unit of Plague Bearers
From another angle... The command really needs extra work...
The Great Unclean One WIP
From a different angle

From behind


Even More WIP Soul Grinder
From a different angle


  1. those conversions/scratch builds are awesome!

  2. Cartoony-cute. Love seeing lots of Nurgle daemons though.

  3. Thanks guys... Getting some shaven done for a tournament coming up in a few weeks (piccies coming)... Then I hope to get these guys done and properly highlighted. Gotta say for being such a small army it is lots of fun to play!