Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bagpipes and Cannons! (And a use for the GW Dice Cup)

Some have you have seen the work of my buddy Drew on this blog in the past (Pirate Ogres, Celts WOC, etc...).  My long suffering Orc army is modelled wearing kilts.  It is only natural that they get a set of pipes for their musician!  Drew VERY kindly took one of my boyz and turned him into a tougher piper type.  THANKS AGAIN DREW!!! Here he is sans paint:

In between sculpting fur on trolls I have gone back to assembling parts of the army.  I picked up this cannon from Ebay a while back.  While the flash was a pain in the A$$ it does look good assembled.  I will use it as a dread quake mortar in my chaos dwarves AND a rock lobber for my orc and goblins (as they are escaped chaos dwarf slaves)...  I plan to paint it up tarnished and rusty.

And for those of you wondering why GW is selling a leather dice cup?  Who would buy such and thing and why?  Well here is the why...

Till next time gang!


  1. The cups have a use, making me roll better.


  2. I have to admit, i like the cup for rolling lots of dice at once, easier to use than cupping them in my hands... BUT thats a cool use too!