Thursday, January 31, 2013


Ok… So I was naughty.  I logged onto a site that a friend recommended for a deal and tried to order some bargain basement War Sphinxes…   

A few months back a friend recommended “Coolcastornot” as an alternate seller of GW and FW products.  He had had a good experience with the guys on the site so on a whim I ordered two Tomb King War Sphinxes (as I already own two). 

Everything looked fine to start with and they sent a confirmation of payment receipt and a notification of the sending of the goods.  Sadly that was months ago and I still do not have my toys.  Follow up emails have been sent and either have been ignored OR have been returned with fairly weak excuses about customs in Australia. 

Doing some more research these guys appear to do a swift trade in recast models (oooppss).  I got stung not only buying discount toys but counterfeit discount toys.  The name should have been a give away.  In recent weeks they appear to have stopped selling GW and FW items anyway…

Their website is:

I do not recommend these guys at all and I strongly encourage you to avoid using their services.   

Til next time gang!



  1. Nice share. It's good to be informed so you don't follow others moments of error.
    I hope you can get your problem resolved, cash back etc.

  2. Yeah, they probably did get stopped by customs... I imagine GW gave customs a heads-up on the company and stuff now gets stopped at the border.