Monday, November 29, 2010

The Beginnings of a Cauldron (adventures in Plasticard)

Well. I have another criteria for this project. Besides trying to get it done before Christmas I am also trying very hard not to spend any more money buying new miniatures for it. In some cases this will lead to adventures in bitz diving in others... We will have to see.

Anyway. I took a sheet of checkered pattern plasticard...

And I created a box with inlaid check pattern tiles. I then took an old avatar of Khaine model I had floating around and stuck him on the back. You might not be able to see but I gave him platform heels made out of plasticard so would be level with the edges of the platform and would stand flat. If that makes sense...

In other news... You can see my progress on my dark riders... I know they don;t look like much now but I have high hopes.

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