Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Next Thing From Land Of Misfit Toys (DE)

That is right kids I am cranking out another brand new army before Christmas. I don;t want to even see how much time that leaves me... Anyway... The idea is to make a Dark Elf army that looks a little different from the rest.

Step one ditch the witch elf models... I hates them like Golum hates the taters... I have a mostly assembled old wyche cult army for 40K and I adore these models... They are on rounds now but that is about to change. I am slightly concerned about ranks but I have long bases so I can cheat alittle bit on spacing. Here are some work in progress models... They are not done yet.

Next up basic warriors... Now I attended a GW store sale alittle while back and picked up a badly assembled dark elf army (most of one missing lots of bitz) for $75. It had warriors, crossbowmen, cold one knights, corsairs (only ten) and a pile of mismatched crap. From that mess I have created these... Most of the warriors are stock standard but I ran out of spear arms and I wanted to mix up the heads... Hence the guys in the back... They will eventually be mixed in the unit to give some variety...

Some of you might recognise that the almost finished wyches are not my usual painting style. Well I can crank out models if I only have to base coat and wash them. I can even crank out the 1st level of highlights but I have never quite mastered the technique of extreme highlighting. For this I have enlisted the help of my buddy Chris. He cranks out extreme highlighting like nobodies business. This entire project will be assembled, base coated, washed and highlighted by me. Chris will supply the final highlight to make the elves “pop.” Despite his Australian and English heritage he was a member of the Kiwi ETC team this year and is generally a fantasy battle bad ass. Stay tuned for more of Chris’s stuff.

And for the folks back home.... HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!

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  1. Best wishes on getting the army finished before Christmas, the newly painted Wyches look very nice... excellent work by you and Chris!