Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Small But Exciting GW Releases!

Though they have received little net and publication fanfare I am very excited about the TWO new GW Order of the Blazing Sun bitz packs. Some have pooh poohed the release as GW's attempts to polish a turd referring to the very dated empire knights that currently grace our shelves. Others are amazed that the truely ancient horses those knights ride have not turned to petrified rock out of pure age. While it is true I am not a huge fan of the knight models and more specifically the horses, I do own close to 60 of the little buggers.

Long ago when I worked at GW (years ago), when damaged product came back and could not be repaired the company would hold infrequent damaged goods sale. I picked up 50 knights there NIB for a song. There were a few broken bitz but I got a good price so I was happy. Fast forward to today. Time to use my knights. I am going to do some kitbashing with bretonnian knights to get some varied poses (and horses). Variety is what I am shooting for. The opportunity these bitz packs offer for me to further mix up my models is not to be missed (by me anyway)... Without further ado... The new packs...

Also popping up on the net this week is next year's Gamesday Figure. Skaven Warlord. I like him. Sure I will convert his helmet a little BUT I like the look of the little guy. Now... How to get one here in Australia...

For those who care... I have decided which project will be my "vomit an army out before Christmas." Dark Elves mixing in some of the new Dark Eldar bitz.

Piccies to come...


  1. Thanks for pointing out the Blazing Sun bitz Brad, I'd missed them. And as for the Games Day figure, just head up to Sydney next October for the return on Games Day Oz! ; )