Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Sculpting Madness Continues

Well I am smack dab in the middle of my least favorite time of year. Report writing so for the next few weeks at least life will be a bit hairy. I try and give myself little treats as I go and this year I bought myself a few packets of green and grey stuff to muck around with.

At one point last year I have a slaanesh DOC army for fantasy that I got pounded with every time I played with it. It was embarrassing. That being said I loved having an army that was so fast and maneuverable. Now I will be honest I have been kicking around the idea of starting it up again but I detest the current rage of slaanesh models. I really don't like em. Soooo I thought I might take a crack at sculpting some. Now I have had requests to do progress shots as I create these wacky things sooo here is phase one.

I am going for a snake man kinda thing with the huge jaws I loved so much on my bloodletters. Here are the basic bodies... I have put a chaos warrior in for scale. I know they do not look like much at the moment but bear with me.

I will be adding arms to these models as well.. I am thinking goblin arms with chaos warrior gloves and weapons... Have to see if that fits... Anyway... progress...


  1. I really like them the look of em Brad. Slannesh are a whole lot of fun to play against as far as demon theme goes. Do you think you'll be kicking the closer to mono-god list?


  2. Thanks man! Thinking of sticking solely with slaaneshi stuff but a TZ herald with master of sorcery is sooooooo damn tempting... Will try and stay mono though... Have to do some play testing.