Monday, January 10, 2011

Battle for The GOLDEN TICKET (Tourney Report) (Wyche Cult)

Well I survived….

As I stated in an earlier post, this last weekend was home to two one day tournaments to determine the last two “Golden Tickets” to the largest tourney in the southern hemisphere: Arcanacon. I should be clear as I had regular readers of this blog asking me on the weekend. As a former champion of Arc I had an automatic ticket in the first place. While I think that Arc is the best run tourney in the world hands down I stopped going three years ago for a variety of reasons. 1200 points did my head in, etc etc… The main reason is that I let the pressure get to me. After winning arc the first two times and after being the first person to win it twice the pressure got to be a bit much. The last time I won I spent 6 months constantly thinking about how to outdo last time. I also had people asking about my plans and if I was going to win again… blah blah… It stopped being fun. So I stopped going. If you can get a ticket though Mark and the boys run the best tourney going around. YOU should go if you can.

That being said I am SUPER proud of my two Arc champion skulls.

Anyway. Two different stores held two separate events to play off for the remaining Arc tickets this weekend.

Day 1: Battle Bunker: 1200 points: One day event.
I took a stupidly soft, themed wyche cult list. 4 wyche squads of nine (a few with agonizers and 1 with power weapon), 7 blood brides with haywire grenades (and a power weapon), a ravager with 3 dark lances, and a succubus bare except for an agonizer. All the wyches were mounted in raiders.

Nothing but wyches, no beastmasters, reavers, or hellions, and no shadow field.
(Click to enlarge pictures)

Game 1: Chris Cousins with his Thousand Sons. Ironically the first game I played with the wyches was against the guy who helped me finish them. It was a single objective each mission where I had to get his objective and keep him off of mine. I rolled a pain token for each of my squads with my combat drugs. This was huge for me as most of Chris’s army was firing AP 3 bolters all the time but now I got feel no pain against them. I got into combat in turn two and bounced a wyche squad off his wounded daemon prince who caught and killed the lot. Whoops. Maybe I was in trouble. It turned into a massive tarpit combat in the middle with shooting around the sides. In the end I was able to overcome his inv saves and widdled him down to three marines. Sadly two of those marines were next to his objective so the game ended in a draw. I contested his objective and he did not take mine. I did make up the 2ndary objective though so Victory to me.

Game 2: A different Chris. Eldar with Eldrad. Modified kill points. This game was a haze of pain. My dark lances couldn’t hit a thing and I deployed badly. Chris kicked the stuffing out of me the whole game. I got 75% of a wyche squad into eldrad’s squad and made them run off the table. Overwise I got pounded for no real return. Eldrad was worth 5 kill points though so I won by one point ONLY because the game ended after 5 turns. Chris deserved to win this. I did not!

Game 3: Harley and his Crimson Fists. Harley had a thunderfire cannon, a pred, a vindi, a razorback with heavy bolters, assault termies with librarian. I was screwed. I got turn 1 and Harley bunkered in the corner. After my last game I didn’t expect anything from my dark lances. In turn 1 I destroyed the cannon, blew the turret off the razorback, and stopped the vindi and the pred from firing. In fact the pred never got to fire and the vindi only got one shot off all game. I got reroll to wound for my combat drugs that made my agonizers vicious. I rolled well to boot. It was ugly. I won.

At the end of the day I pulled the win overall and walked away with another ticket to Arc. Ok I didn’t. I passed it to the next player down and got an army’s worth of back-2-basix bases for my Sons of Helvis.

A few words here. Don’t EVER do wyche cult unless you want to loose. I fluked my way through this. To be done properly beast masters, a proper archon with shadow field, a void raven, and other goodies should be used to make this list work. I will be experimenting soon. We will discuss. Anyway.

Here is a shot of what my night shielded raiders looked like. I was going for a dark cloud covering things up "look." Even though they do look a bit like penguins... (Thanks Chris for the mental image.) I do like how they turned out.

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