Monday, January 10, 2011

Tourney Winning Wyche Cult Army Showcase.

Here is the army that I used in the first 1 day event. Read more about it here:

I took a pure Wyche cult. I don;t make a secret that I think that the old wyches are better than the new ones sooooo I stuck with the old models. The army revolves around 4 squads of 9 wyches and one unit of 7 blood brides. The army is lead by a succubus with an agonizer. Should have taken an archon BUT hey it worked... I should stop complaining about it!

You can tell the squads apart by their hair color.

The agonizers are gloves and all of the squad leaders have green poison on their weapons. (It is how to tell them apart)

The Blood Brides with the sucubus... The general is the modified Kruellah The Vile. I have a soft spot for this particular model because when I first interviewed for GW years ago she had just been spun for the first time by the American forge. I was given one as a gift after my interview. She did not come out for at least another 6 months after that.

I wanted my raiders to look different from everything else I had seen and I really wanted to model night shields on them and have them be WYSIWYG. So I measured the dimensions on the raider/ravager model and made a shape of the perfect size. Then I added bitz sealed it and covered it in foliage. I sealed the foliage and let it dry overnight. Primed everything back and lightly sprayed grey. Painted everything else up.

I love em but they are stupidly fragile. The one with the blades along the front belongs to the Blood Brides.

The ravager has smaller wings and dual weapons on front so you can tell which one is which.

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