Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tournament Report. One Dayer Number Two... (and some great Thunder wolves!)

I played in a 2nd one day tournament last weekend. After taking first with wyche cult I decided to finally take out some of my new Blood Angels on day two. The 2nd tourney was held at Realm Of Legends outside of Melbourne. Their tables are beautiful and numerous. I highly recommend you check them out!

I took Blood Angels (1200 points). Chaplain with jump pack with 8 jump marines with a Sanguinary Priest with pack, 2 rhino mounted assault squads with fists (one with a flamer and the other with two melta guns), a tac squad with a las-cannon and a plasma gun in a razorback with twin linked las-cannons.

After sweating my terrible army the day before I was looking forward to the 2nd one-day event to determine the last golden ticket for Arc. There were two events on the day and I opted for the one for those who had a ticket (I was doing this for practice after all).

Day two has hosted by Realm of Legends. Game 1: Craig and his beautifully painted Space wolves (pictures littered throughout this post). I had only seconds to take shots of Craig’s army so they are not idea shots but WOW do they look good. Craig if you are reading this I would love to post more and better pictures if you have any!

Anyway: Craig had grey hunters in a pod, hunters in a rhino, hunters on foot, two speeders with rockets and multi-meltas, thunder wolf cavalry and a thunder wolf lord. The mission was modified kill point where you got to pick which units were worth more points. I deployed in one corner around a bunker. Craig set up across from me. Our game was played on only three feet out of the six feet wide our table was wide. It was brutal. I popped his rhino early and made him walk to me. He moved up and I got eager and sprung my trap too early (assault marines on foot and the jump marines combined charging his rhino squad and a speeder). What I needed to do was let him get closer with more so I could charge several squads a once. As it was his counter assault kicked my ass over several turns. My support units got held up when their rhinos were immobilized by terrain AND then got held up by poor terrain rolls. I set up a 2nd line to make Craig come to me but my initial wave held too well and these troops never got to strike. Game ended and Craig won handily.

Game2: Adam Jones and his sisters. Adam is one of my best mates. He stood with me as my best man when my wife and I renewed our wedding vows. He is an ace dude who won best sports the day before. As I said Adam brought nuns with guns. He had a jump canoness, two rhino sisters squads, two foot sister squads and 2 exorcists. We were playing a secret mission (I love these). You got your mission and had to choose which two objectives you were going for out of a list (objectives, kill points, assassinate the general, etc). You then had to tell your opponent your objectives except one of the objectives could be false. LOTS of fun. I chose capture the main objective and capture the 2nd objectives as my goals and I told Adam my actual missions as I thought he would figure I would be going for kill points.

I huddled around cover while he motored around the side of the table at me. Cover saved me from vicious exorcist fire until my general and his unit dropped in Adam’s backfield and tore stuff up. Adam’s dice really did leave him high and dry in this game. He was failing armour saves left right and centre. In the end I had what I needed and he did not. Should have been a much closer game. Adam as always was a champion gentleman. I would like to point out that if there had been a “best sports” trophy on the day Adam would have won it with a perfect score.

Game 3: The president of the Ringwood Club, Brenton and his Black Templars. My memory is starting to get funny here but he had a high marshal with lightning claws, the champion, two rhino squads, a tac squad to sit on the objective, a venerable dreadnought and a squad of terminators with tank hunter. He had to get my objective and I had to get his. I moved up but not too far while he come close. I made him get closer by shooting at him. He failed a crucial assault through cover roll leaving his marshal and squad to get triple charged by my jumpers, an assault squad and a combat squad. I wiped them out to a man. He tried to counter with his champion and squad BUT failed his charge through cover roll! I repeated the charge with the same results (but his champion ate my priest). My other assault squad took down his terminators with shooting support from my razorback and las-cannon combat squad. I tabled his army in turn 5. Had he made either of those charges it would have been a very different game.

Soooo with a loss and two wins I ended up in 2nd place. (I was shocked!) Nidzilla came first and thankfully I didn’t play that list or I would have been pasted early. My angels would have been a very bad match up against those bugs. I think that Blood angels are a good army as long as you don’t get silly with their special gear/ units/ characters. Meph is sick. While I have a huge BA army I refuse to use that guy in friendly play.

Anyway. Thanks for sticking around and reading this! ☺

P.S. Here are some great WIP shots of Craig's AWESOME wolf cav. Hope to get proper picts of the whole army for an army showcase soon. Hope that gives you an idea of how much work went into grinding out the Canis model so it could be rebuilt. Took something like 5 hours with a dremmel. OUCH! They look seemless on the board which is the highest complement I can give a conversion.

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  1. Wow! You played some really nice armies there, young man. Especially that Sister Of Battle army: what a stunner!!