Friday, February 11, 2011

Initial thoughts on the New Green Skins

I know I am a little behind the rumor mill here but I am really excited by the new Orc and Goblin sneak peaks GW leaked on Wednesday. There is the obvious cool factor of the super spider with howdah. While orcs and goblins needed something cool and big to that worked in the game (giants are fairly unreliable but lots of fun) I think the cool and big have been supersized in this case. 100mm X 150mm for the base alone. Sounds HUGE! I look forward to sizing one up next to my plague furnace (which is huge as well). (Click for Larger image)

I am not sure how this model will fit visually in with my heavily cloaked orcs and goblins. I have started to think that maybe I need to convert up a woolly mammoth out of a LOTR mumak or maybe break the bank and get the forge world chaos mammoth. We’ll have to see if the great spider’s rules will be conducive for that kind of thing.

I am VERY excited about the new savage orc models especially the two with the giant axe! Very curious to see how that will work rules wise. Looking at the models I am beginning to think that I could just replace the front rank of my orc boys with savage boys with furs and I could use the regiments interchangeably (as my orc boys are feral looking to start with). Very exciting stuff. Will have to see how the rules look. Boyz are 1 point more a model and savages can get a bucket of attacks.

The choppa rules have changed too allowing for a +1 str bonus in the first turn charge or not and regardless of weapon type (meaning choppa spears and great weapons). This is exciting for me as my black orcs not only get cheaper but also become strength LOTS when using great weapons.
(more on these little guys soon as I think I am in LOVE!)

The new book also only has 8 magic items. Now this is a HUGE drop but as there are so many in the rulebook to start with (and lots of those had duplicates with the old orc army book) I am not too terribly fussed. After all I was a chaos dwarf general for years and they had a tiny list of items too.

I do like the look of the item that makes all magic items loose their magic abilities in base contact. I think that could be wicked fun in robbing some of those character heavy death stars of their bite….

Will have to read the book cover to cover. Overall I am exited about the big hard bound army book (I Love the Fluff) and can’t wait to get another crack at reading it now that I have digested my first bite… so to speak…

Next time… Orc Magic!


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