Sunday, February 27, 2011

Scottish Guard Conversion Packs

So prompted by our old buddy Dave Taylor on his blog I decided to take a good look at the Victoria Lamb Website to check out her kilted guard conversion packs.... OMG...


These kit comes with three sets of legs, backpacks and three rebreather heads. All cast in metal.

This is what they look like with the GW kits.

At $35 for a set of 15 (aussie dollars which are equal to US $ these days)... I think this conversion pack is good stuff...

Might have to pick some up sooner rather than later...

Her site if you want to order your own:


  1. I already hate Imperial Guard. Creating Scottish Imperial Guard is even more silly.

    Never understood the attraction of creating "historical" 40k armies - it's a Fantasy game.

    If you want to go down that route just play FOW.

    Guess I'm just old.

  2. ?

    I thought guns and star ships was sci-fi?

    Anyhow, I think these kits are great. The details are good and the paint job is compelling too. Good stuff.

  3. @Pete - these aren't being promoted on Vic's site as Scottish. They're actually derived from a unit of Drookian Fen Guard she entered in Golden Demon (shown at the bottom of Brad's post). The Drookian Fen Guard are a regiment designed by GW, that first appeared for the Armageddon campaign.

    As for using historical references to inspire new looks, I'm sure that has never happened before in any form of sci-fi or fantasy.

    You hate confuses and frustrates me.


  4. I wonder how these would mate up Marine Scouts, because Kilted Scouts would work pretty well for Storm Wardens and other potentially Scottish-y Chapters.

  5. Different folks, different strokes I guess....

  6. I've got a bud using those as well for his IG:

    New Maw

  7. :-) Ah, if only my Praetorians we not on the far back burner at the moment... Look great, perfect for what I had in mind about 9 months ago, hopefully my LGS will be able to pick them up at some point in the future...