Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Victorian Tournament News (AND TOMB KINGS!)

Welllll... It has been an interesting 24 hours...

First of all as has ben announced on a number of Blogs GW has announced that Tomb Kings are officially in the pipeline for May. SWEET!!! I am very excited to get playing my TK's with new rules as the ones they have just do not cut it. In particular after having reread the first Nagash book lately I am very excited to see what they do with ushabti and maybe a Sphinx (ala giant spider model). I am most curious to see how they will change skeletons as they are not so good at the moment (change rules and or majorly drop points).

Also... A little bird has reported that Rumble in the Bronx will be running in May as usual and will be 2000 points this year with NO LORDS (nothing new here) But also NO IRRESISTIBLE FORCE and possible warmachine and unit caps... Interesting ideas but I think it will royally screw with the metagame... Rumble is one of my favorite events of the year so I may ignore my skipping of events that change the rules thing. Will have to see... Either way the Geelong boys always organize a top event. I am glad to see that they will be running it.

In other Fantasy news. Convic is still up in the air. Still no word on if the largest event in Victoria will run. Stay posted...

The Victorian Inter Club Challenge will be running this year with Fantasy and Warmachine events added to the usual 40K roster. Very exciting especially since yours truly has been asked to head up the Hampton Club 40K team... Lots of planning to do!

Unitil next time kids...

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