Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Speed Painting Skaven

I have had a few people ask me how to paint the skaven army that I have been fielding of late. While I did not paint the original army, I have painted a couple of regiments to match using the same colour recipe that the original owner used. It is a shockingly easy and quick scheme that I will use in the future should I need to vomit out another skaven army in a short period of time. The original owner finished the army in one month and I think the army is lovely… Here are his notes.

For a basic clanrat:
1. Spray model skull white - make sure you get good thin coverage
2. Medium wash of devlan mud over the entire model
3. Skin - thin to medium wash of badab black over the original mud (you can vary the amount to vary the skin colour)
4. Tail - medium wash of baal red
5. Clothing - strong major highlight all clothes with skull white
6. Eyes - Camo green, camo + skull white highlight, skull white pinprick, thraka green wash
7. Teeth - Bleached bone with skull white highlight
8. Metal - Boltgun metal with mithril silver highlight and finally badab black wash. On the weapons I then added a thraka green wash.
9. Wood - Originally I painted and highlighted this though later on when I was running out of time I found you could simply wash very heavily with devlan mud to achieve a good effect.
10. Blood - I use tamiya clear red, old paintbrushes and a toothbrush (my blood-brush) for mixing, dripping and flicking respectively. Do this in batches and wear gloves because this stuff is incredibly hard to get off your fingers. Do it outside or in a protected area as the stuff will flick everywhere. To achieve the best look, use a variety of colours ranging from tamiya clear red alone, tamiya + small amount of chaos black, through to tamiya + a decent amount of chaos black for dried blood.

PVA glue sand on. Dark grey (can't remember the name) basecoat, drybrush with lighter grey, then drybrush more lightly with a grey that's nearly white. Next, drybrush patches of camo green and patches of khemri brown to make it more interesting. Paint the base edges chaos black.

Finally use PVA glue and tweezers to stick on mini-nature tufts. I only needed one packet for the entire army so far.

Here are some clan rats pre-blood:

And After:

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