Tuesday, March 22, 2011

VICC Short Team Tournie Report

So I spent the weekend having a wonderful time playing in the Victorian Inter Club Championship. In previous years the VICC was a 40K event. This year they broadened the event to include Warmachine and Fantasy. The Hampton Club is known for its Fantasy prowess and is getting to be known for the same sort of performance in Warmachine. That being said, I was asked to Captain the Hampton Club 40K team (the definite hole in the side so to speak). I got my buddies Noakes and Nick (Cookie) (Fantasy players) and hooked them up with a couple of my armies and gave them in a crash course in how to try and not loose in 40K. Noakes went into the event with one 5th ed game under his belt and Cookie went in with two. In the end we needed a 4th to round out the team. That spot was filled by general 40K badass extraordinaire Brodie. While a few people might have thought that I was just filling the slot with a ringer, Brodie was going to Hampton for years when he was a little tucker (before he joined the military).

The event was 1500 points and I took my 1200 point fairly soft wyche cult with two void ravens with three rockets. Brodie took his highly tuned Eldar list. Noakes took a generalist Blood Angels list and Nick took my Alien Tyranid army minus the Mawloc and Doom (which I will never run again outside of no comp events… BRUTAL!).

The way the event worked was interesting. Day one was regular one on one games where players from one team played opponents from another and the win/draw/loss of the round was decided by the games total not individual games. For example we played Bad Gaming round one and won two games and lost two games. For that round our team got a draw and so did theirs. Day two was similar except that the games were 2 VS 2.

As I said we drew Bad Gaming in round one. Had a Very successful round two against Outpost Games (3 wins and a draw) and just squeaked a win in round three against Phoenix Games (I think). At one point it looked like Brodie would win and the rest of us were going to get tabled. I squeezed the thinnest win in years and Nick ended up with a draw with two models. A Trygon with one wound and a Termigaunt outside of synapse who passed a LD5 test to draw (winning us the round). Heroic stuff!

Day two we ran into the Battle Bunker team and while I thought we had our game won the TO allowed extra time and they pulled a VERY thin draw. We lost our other game and pulled the loss.

In our last round we played some of my old favourite opponents the Ringwood club which was a nice way to end the tourney. Our table forced a round draw when totally by accident my voidraven bombed a unit of my opponent’s wyches (Orks and Wyche cult VS Tyranids and Wyche Cult) and ended up contesting an objective my opponents grabbed in the last round (stupid rallying wyches).

We came 5th in 40K but Hampton took 1st in Fantasy and Warmachine. With the few points we brought to the table we put Hampton over the top and we took Best Club In Victoria. A huge honour. As a side note we took best painted in 40K. Cool for me personally since three of the armies were mine.

All in all it was a weekend of great fun that was heaps of fun that I am already looking forward to next year… I have a no comp fantasy event this weekend… The big question is to bloodthirster or to skaven…

Til next time gang!


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  1. you forgot to write up my epic win in the second round ( against pheonix) where i had 1 marine standing on each of the 3 objectives at the end of my final turn (top of the 5th) and he had 2 guns left to try and win, managing to kill 2 marines off 2 objectives, but unable to contest the third

    - noakes