Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cool stuff that I have seen around!

Howdy gang! Back to school (I teach) the last ten days and it is keeping me REALLY busy. Have not been doing heaps of hobby (which is a shame) BUT... I am very excited about Saturday when I get my grubby paws on the new tomb king book.

Speaking of which I am also very into this scenic base set that Scibor was made... Perfect for unit fillers...

I will be getting a set of those bad dogs.

OK not new but I was digging through my pile of stuff the other day and found this model (mine is unpainted)... WOW... What a cool mini. It is by Maximini. Mine is perfectly sculpted with no flash. I could not recommend it more... Should paint it some time.

While I was getting the picture to show you guys... I found some other gems in there... I didn't realize they put out beret heads and ANZAC heads... I really like the look of these models... Hmmmmm...

I will leave you with pictures of a punk kid taken a few months after the Tianamen Square riots... Weeks after this photo was taken I would escape China with my dad and a friend would bring a copy of a new game called "Rogue Trader" to school. I read the description of the bolt gun and I was hooked... Yes I am really old!


  1. Cheers Brad, those Scibor bits are well nice, they'd fit my choas dwarf army perfectly, it's basing is a ruined city theme.

  2. You should get a few of the regular ruined bases to go with. I have a pile of them and I LOVE them. FYI

  3. That there is a plan. To the webshop!

  4. That can't be you. That guy has hair...