Saturday, May 21, 2011


Some of you will remember that a while back I started with an alternative to the "new" GW daemonettes to match my funky daemon army. I was pretty disappointed with how they were coming sooo I'll admit it. I put them in a box. I need to remember that the beginning stages of everything looks like rubbish and I need to remember to persevere through to the end... Well with Rumble Coming up I had to do something. The Rumble player pack banned lords (grrr) so Tomb Kings were out... Nerfed magic (grrr) so Vamps were out. I am not so sure about skaven at the moment so they were out. That leaves my Daemons... Had two blocks of Letters and Horrors already. Sigh... Daemonettes here we go.

I had about 6-7 at this stage when I started this week...

They look like rubbish... The basic bodies look alright except for the flat spots on their side where I had to rest them to dry and I didn't like how the teeth came out (I have not added the lips). Anyway... I got to fixing and they came out much better. For those wondering I used a marble inside each head to save on green stuff.

With lips and with imperfections kinda fixed they looked like this:

Here are a few more with command. The champion has one horn sticking out of his head, the std has a slaneeshi symbol on his head and the musician has horns. It is a visual joke I've used before. He is in the horn section... get it? Terrible I know.

The here is the standard from above... See... the symbol... I hope it looks better painted!

The last part of the regiment is the Gale Force Nine movement tray that converts round bases to square bases. I LOVE these things. I have a small pile of them and use them in my Daemons and in my Orc armies. Some models rank up so much easier using them (old chaos warriors, black orcs, etc). Sure they add a few centimetres to the width of the frontage and sideage but I don't play fantasy to win the world. It just makes life easier...

As you can see I left a few bald spots when I glued on the sand. That is for when I add the water effects and blue paint later...

Now Greg at the Hoodling Hole as written a very articulate piece explaining his gradual acceptance and then love of 8th edition fantasy... Check it out if you get the chance... It is a good read:

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