Saturday, May 14, 2011

Forge World Chaos Dwarves This Month!

Coming to a post office near you (when you order them) on the 23rd of May is the long awaited new chaos dwarf stuff from Forgeworld. In a word... WOW! This stuff looks great:

Basic troopers... Called infernal guard they come in at 36 pounds per ten... Not as bad a price point as I would have thought..
Overall I am really impressed with the detail on these models. Razor crisp details. I am hoping that they are not as badly cast as some of my more recent FW purchases because as I said... WOW!

Unit command... I really think they got the creepy look down pat for the unit champion's face... Disturbing but really cool.
They release on the same day and go for 18 pounds for three dudes which if you look at price per model comes out to a surprisingly similar result.

Now the iffy part... I really don't like the hand gunner/ halberd weapon guys. If I get these guys I will be cutting the weapons off and going with a different look. That being said... look at that scale mail on the back of the model... crisp detail. I feel like I could almost cut my hands touching the back of that guys armour. They are also 36 pounds per ten dudes...

And last but not lease some sort of cannon/ steam tank kinda kit. Since I don;t have an officiallist to use these.... Meh... Don't care... The crew are really nice though!

Now I need another Dwarf army like I need a hole in my head BUT these are nice enough that I am considering it.


  1. not sold on the really smooth heads, they feel a bit futuristic and not evil at all, i like the old phonecian feel of the hats and braided beards they had going on before, but at the least some spikey evil hats would do - noakes

  2. Yeah. As much as I ragged on the hats, I think that these look spectacular but are lacking compared to the old, hooked noses, silly hats and ringlet beards.

    Still, I may be swayed when they come in and you show them off to me!!