Friday, May 27, 2011

Cool Tomb King Unit Fillers (a good internet experience!)

Got these in a box in the mail last night. Ordered from them Ebay for a very reasonable price (something like $15 for two and shipping from the UK to Australia).

Obviously the pillars are white resin. The corners are slightly rounded but the important details are plenty crisp enough.

Each pillar is made up of three pieces. I like that they are not one piece so I can make a third base using the top of one of the pillar and a broken shaft of the same one.

I also like that the shaft of the pillar has a variety of images engraved into them and the two sides are not mirror images of each other.

I plan to use these bases as unit fillers for my skeletons and maybe to bulk out the back of my ushabti.

Til next time...


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  1. B,

    That's a much better idea than scratch building my own trees for Wood Elf unit fillers!! Good find, now get back to painting.