Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Book of Grudges Update

Well Book of Grudges is less than three weeks out and there are a few pieces of housekeeping that need to be addressed:

1) We are close to 40 players which is really exciting. I am rapt with the enthusiasm that has been shown by so many members of our community and we are weeks to go before the event! Thanks guys!

2) The scoring for the event is ever so slightly changing:

Originally the overall points for the event looked like this:
Battle: 120 points (6 games of 20)
Sports: 20 points
Painting: 20 points
Composition: 38 points
Theme: 2 points
Total: 200 points

Due to my computer loosing it's hard drive a few months back I have lost the arcane method I came up with those numbers... So the overall totals will change to be what is reflected below which matches the actually wording of the players pack (just not the totals section). I truly hope this does not put anyone out in anyway.
Battle 120 points
Sports 24 points
Painting 20 points
Comp- judge 24 points
peer 18 points
Theme 2 points
Display board 1 point
Total: 209 points

3) ARMY LISTS ARE DUE THIS FRIDAY AT 11:59 PM.... That is the 29th of July. I have about half the lists in at the moment. You should get yours in pronto if you want to come out to play.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

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