Wednesday, July 20, 2011

So... Orkingrad?

So I have more than a passing interest in WWII. And as I said last time I am pretty enamoured with the Micro Art Studios WWII Ork bitz. So why not combine the two?

As seen elsewhere in this blog, I have been creating a feral ork/ orc army for a while now. All the models are wearing heavy fur cloaks and look suitably thin and by the time I am done... (hopefully) cold!

Now Stalingrad was a major turning point of WWII. Hitler decided it would be a good idea to backstab his "up til this point" ally Stalin and invaded Russia despite fighting Europe on the other side of his growing empire. For a while it looked like it would work. The advance stalled however in the city of Stalingrad. The Russians were desperate not to loose any more ground to the Germans (or risk loosing their oil fields). The weather also began to play into the Russian's favour when winter hit. The Germans were just not prepared. Anyway, the fighting in Stalingrad was fierce and brutal. Tanks/ artillery/ infantry and everything else that could be thrown into the crucible of war was. The life expectancy of a Russian soldier in that battle was averaged to be 24 hours! Despite this the Germans were eventually overrun and surrendered sealing the fate of Germany and the war on that front.

It was a nasty, frozen fight to the death.

Sooooooo.... My orks will be geared for cold and will feature lots of armour and foot troops. (and city fighting/ snow bases)

I am thinking of 2 battle wagons with kannons, 3 looted wagons with boom guns and lots of infantry.

More soon...


  1. Great army,I always wanted to see this done when I saw those conversion parts.

    Unrelated question:Where did you get that base you use for your Horus model?

  2. Thanks guys!

    The base came with the model. Don't think you can get it separately.


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  4. What is your site and I can link it?